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Mission & Purpose
The American Legion, the nation’s largest wartime veterans
organization, is devoted to mutual helpfulness, and is committed
to: The Four Pillars of The American Legion

1. Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation:
2. National Security
3. Americanism
4. Children & Youth

The Legion was chartered and incorporated by
Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to
mutual helpfulness.
The American Legion Is dedicated to a single
purpose: empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with
respect and dignity.

We accomplish this by ensuring that veterans andtheir families
can access the full range of benefits available to them; fighting
for the interests of America’s injured heroes on Capitol Hill; and
educating the public about the great sacrifices and needs of
veterans transitioning back to civilian life.
We are a post with a beautiful building, we
support the Boy Scouts, we have scholarships,  sponsor  Boys
State, and promote Americanism . We participate in several
military ceremonies.  In short, we are a small post with a big

It is an incredible challenge to keep every Legionnaire up to date
and informed on the issues that affect every one of us .  
Learn to
use this website and increase the exchange of information
between Post and legionnaires.

Of  course, we know veterans will be using these pages to see
what we are up to,  and might contact us to  join our Post.

We ask every veteran to explore these pages and let us know
what you find   good, bad, or missing - so we can make this a site
a place you could go to regularly for information and would want
to refer others proudly.

Feel free to drop by  to any of our meetings,

           189 Prospect Avenue,
 Mamaroneck, New York 10543, NY  
on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 1900 Hours
           Write or E-Mail us:

                American Legion
             Mamaroneck Post 90
                     P.O. Box 90
        Mamaroneck, New York 10543

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Copyright@August, 2016  Updated 09-04-2018
The American Legion, approved by an act of
congress, is a   social and armed forces. The organization
was founded in 1919 by veterans returning from Europe after
World War I,.. The group has nearly 3 million members in
over 14,000 Posts worldwide.

A Post is the basic unit of the American Legion and
usually represents a small geographic area such as a single
town or part of a county.

A Post is used for formal business such as meetings and  
a coordination point for community service projects.  A Post
member is distinguished by a navy blue garrison cap with
gold piping.

NY Legion Post 50 of Pelham, New York,
Westchester County
was established in  October 1923 ,  
dedicated to a single purpose: empowering veterans to lead
high-quality lives with respect and dignity.We accomplish this
by ensuring that veterans and their   families,  can access the
full range of benefits available

We are a small post, we do not even have a building, and yet
we support a Boy Scout Troop  (1), we have scholarships,
sponsor  Boys State, and promote Americanism . We
participate in several military ceremony. In short, we are a
little post with a big agenda.
In order to keep you older vets current with modern military terminology and slang, we have
203 - An M-203 grenade launcher, a single shot grenade launcher mounted beneath the M-4 carbine;
fires the same 40mm grenade as the M-19 akak
Forty Mike-Mike
5's & 25's - standard security order when
a convoy stops: gunners scan 5 meters
in all directions from their vehicle
position while soldiers dismount and
secure out to 25 meters from the vehicles
50 Cal - The standard Browning .50
Caliber ( half inch in diameter) heavy
machinegun used by the US Military
since WWII; aka Fifty Cal; M-2 or
Ma Deuce
5.56 - Refers to standard 5.56 milimeter diameter round used in M-16 or M-4 standard infantry weapon
and light machine guns such as the SAW; aka 5.56
NATO round, Also known as the .223 cal
(223/1000 of an inch in diameter just as .30 cal is
30/100 of an inch in diameter.)  
ACU - Army Combat Uniform - with the NEW
igitized design for all seasons and terrain.
AK-47 - Copied from the WWII German
Sturmgewehr 44; This Soviet-era weapon was
developed in 1947 by Mikhail Kalashnikov;
Standard of the Iraqi forces, insurgents and most
third world and communist countries; not very
accurate but fires the powerful 7.62x39mm round
in full automatic and very easy to maintain
Alice : All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying
Equipment. Formerly known as Web Gear.  
AMTRAC - Amphibious vehicle used by Marines
AO - Refers to area of operations
AOR -  Navy Term - Area Of Responsibily, the confines within which we
Angel -  a soldier killed in combat, used among some US medica
l personnel.
Ass - Marine slang for any weapon system with a lot of firepower.
AT4 - US anti-tank rocket carried by Marines
Atropine Injector - Injects agent to counteract nerve gas  
Back in the World -  Back in the United States of America, as they
remember it.  An expression that began in the Vietnam War when
soldiers found the Asian culture so different that they
could have been on another planet.  The term lives on in that other
galaxy far - far - away, known as Iraq and Afghanistan.  
Battle Rattle -  Full battle rattle is close to 50 pounds worth of gear
, including
a flak vest,
Kevlar helmet, gas mask, ammunition, weapons, and other
military equipment. One component is the soft vest that covers the torso
shoulders and the back. It's made of soft material, a mixture of Kevlar
Twaron. These are sown together in sort of a sandwich fashion inside a
nylon camouflage-pattern shell. The nylon vest has attaching points for
load-bearing equipment. The second component of the system is ceramic
plates that fit in pockets in the front and back of the vest. These plates
protect the heart and lungs. Any TV news report from Iraq or Afghanistan
shows American service members wearing "full battle rattle." Wearing the
battle rattle has saved lives in both Iraq and Afghanistan. A soldier in full
dress, including helmet, flak jacket, and automatic weapon said to be wearing "battle rattle" "play
clothes" or "Mommy's comforts" -- terms that antedated the war in Iraq, though used less frequently
because the gear was used by smaller numbers of troops. The term Battle Rattle was previously
associated with a call to arms on warships in the 1812 period.  
Belt Fed - excited as in "that is a belt-fed SOB"; Refers to belt fed machine gun bullets;
BIAP : Baghdad International Airport  
Bombaconda : nickname for LSA Anaconda, , a major base near Balad, reflecting the frequent mortar
Boonie Cap - Floppy field hat
Butterfly Trigger - safety trigger requiring two thumbs to activate
Cas-Evac - Casualty evacuation
CC : Coalition Country -- the coalition of the willing allies  
CG - Commanding General
Charms - Lucky Charms candy issued with field rations considered very unlucky
CHU : Containerized Housing Unit (pronounced “choo”) - Aluminum boxes slightly larger [22’x8’] than a
commercial shipping container, with linoleum floors and cots or beds inside. This insulated CONEX
shipping container has a door, window, top vent, power cabling, and an air conditioner. One version
houses four people, while another is split into two, two-person rooms. The version with a shower and
toilet shared between two rooms is called a "wet chu", which provides less crowded latrine and shower
conditions than tents. The CHU gives soldiers a lot more living space than tents. The CHU is the modern
equivilent of the Vietnam era "HOOCH".
CHUville : a base consisting of a large number of CHUs.  
Cleared Hot - Permission to fire your weapon
CO - Commanding Officer
Cobra Gunship - Light attack Helicopter  
Condition One -  
Cougar: A small armored fighting vehicle designed to survive IED attacks and ambushes.
Cyclone (also Dust Devil) - Fierce winds in Iraq dessert
DCU - Desert Camoflage Uniform
DDG - Navy Term - Guided Missile Destroyer
Death Blossom : The tendency of Iraqi security forces, in
response to receiving a little fire from the enemy, to
either run away or do the "death blossom" spraying
fire indisciminately in all directions. The term originated
in the 1984 movie "The Last Starfighter" as a maneuver
in which a single starfighter can single handedly wipe
out an entire armada.
Devil Dog - Nick name for a Marine; originated in
the First World War when they were called that by
opposing Germans
DFAC [Dining FACility] : A DFAC is where you eat.
eat in a dining facility, or DFAC (pronounced dee-Fak).
Old soldiers show their age they call it a "chow hall" and
if you say “mess hall” it dates you. DFACs are modern
looking cafeteria, some decorated it with sports
memorabilia, movie posters, and televisions with
ESPN on.  
Dirt Sailor : A member of the Navy’s Construction
Battalions (Seabees). In Iraq, a sailor playing a part
that is not a normal Navy role.  
Donkey Dicks - Marine term for any phallic-shaped
Ephedra; Ripped Fuel; etc - Refers to over-the-counter
diet pills used for energy  
Explosively Formed Penetrators:
A new dangerous
weapon supplied by Iranian Militants
used to pierce any
American armored vehicle.  
E-Fuzzy - With the introduction of the
ACU, used to
describe an E-1 Private. There is no
rank insignia for
an E-1, and as the ACU's rank patch
is Velcro and
goes on the chest, E-1s have the
fuzzy Velcro exposed.
Also known as Private No Rank
E-Tool - Excavation tool; shovel
Flak Jacket -  heavy flexible
shrapnel-resistant vest;
is the infamous abbreviation
for Fliegerabwehrkanonen,
German for anti-aircraft guns that used
88mm shrapnel
weapons against Allied planes in WWII
Flank Speed -  Navy Term - the fastest speed the ship can travel, equal to about 35 knots
FO - Forward Observer
FOB : forward operating base.  
FOB Taxi : any vehicle that never leaves the FOB.  
Fobbit : service member who never goes outside the wire off the forward operating base; updated
name for the Vietnam era REMF; also see POG  
Foot Mobil - Person on foot
Forty Mike-Mike - 40mm grenade and the M-19 automatic grenade launcher that fires it
FRAGO : fragmentary order. Fragmentary order is an abbreviated form of an operation order, usually
issued on a day-to-day basis, which eliminates the need for restating information contained in a basic
operation order. FRAGOs do not take the place of an OPORD. A FRAGO determines timely changes to
an already existing order. The important point here is that a frag order is issued based on the basic
operation order and is not a "stand alone" directive. It will normally state the changes from the basic
order such as enemy situation and new taskings. A more formal decisionmaking process may be
required before issuing a FRAGO, especially if a major adjustment to the operation order (OPORD) is
Frankenstein : A Marine Corps monster truck, bulging and rippling with spot-welded seams of add on
armor. "We scrounge around for what we need and 'Frankenstein' it together." As of December 2004, of
the 30,000 estimated wheeled vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan, about 8,000 of the older models did not
have armor protection. Of those that were protected, about 6, 000 had full protection, while about
10,000 vehicles had received add-on kits, many improvised in theater. Green Zone : Heavily guarded
area with several former Presidential Palaces in central Baghdad where US, coalition and iraqi
authorities live and work. Much of the rest of Iraq is the "red zone". An attempt was made to rename it
the International Zone (IZ), but this seems not to have stuck.  
Get Some - a macho phrase expressing a soldier's desire to get in the fight; "Let's get some !!"
Got your six - "I've got your back," meaning I am watching your rear as in the 12 hour clock; also I have
your three or 3 o'clock, etc
Gun Truck : an armored and heavily armed vehicle used for convoy security.  Made popular in Vietnam
by mounting heavy machine guns and armor on 5 ton trucks for convoy duty.  
GWOT : global war on terrorism.  
- the word many soldiers use for an
Haji : 1: Arabic word for someone who has
made the pilgrimage to Mecca; 2: used by
the American military for an Iraqi, anyone of
arab decent, or even of a brownish skin tone,
be they afghanis, or even bangladeshis; 3: the
word many soldiers use derogatorily for the
Haji armor
: improvised armor, installed by
troops hiring Iraqis to update the vehicles by
welding any available metal to the sides of
Haji mart : any small store operated by Iraqis
to sell small items to Americans.  
Haji patrol : 1: escort detail; 2: Local National
unit is also referred to as the Haji patrol, with
all the projects that are being performed by the
local nationals.  
Haji shop : even the smallest base has some
form of what soldiers call a "haji shop" or,
in more politically correct terms, a shop
run by locals. Frequently near the PX,
the "Haji" shop would sell everything
from cigarettes to knockoff sunglasses
to pirated DVDs.  
Hardball - black top roadway  

Hillbilly armor : Improvised vehicle armor
, salvafed from digging through local
landfills for pieces of scrap metal to
bolster armor on their vehicles.
ypically a half-inch of scrap steel
astily cut in the shape of the door and
welded or riveted on. Name derives from
Tennessee National Guard 278th Regimental
Combat Team, whose Spc. Thomas Wilson grilled
SecDef Rumsfeld in December 2004 about the
need for such scrounging. "Why do we soldiers
have to dig through local landfills for pieces of
scrap metal and compromised ballistic
glass to up-armor our vehicles?" Spc. Wilson asked.  
IED : improvised explosive device
Explode-05-june.gif image by RetiredRoadDog

IP: Iraqi Police  
inside the wire - inside an enemy combatant
facility. Working "inside the wire" of the enemy
combatant detention facility can lead to stress for
the US troops working here. But experts and leaders
are working hard to help servicemembers deal with
the unique conditions of working in an isolated
island base such as Guantanamo. Troops working
inside the wire must pass through several sets
of intimidating double gates. They always cover
their nametapes and never call each other by their
real names while they're near detainees. Vietnam-era
phrase for the perimeter of any US base in Vietnam.  
ITGA : Interim Transitional Government of Afghanistan.  
avelin Team -  
Jingle Trucks - Afghanistan transport trucks with a narrow wheel base that are usually adorned with
colorful stickers and chimes, the military contracted for host nation delivery trucks, known as “jingle
trucks” because of the decorative metal tassels hanging from the bottom of the truck frames that jingled
when the trucks moved. These trucks are contracted through Afghan Government officials. The NCO
responsible for these contracts was known as the “jingle man.” The contract price was based on the
destination and the type of truck used. Fuel tankers and trucks that could carry 20- and 40-foot
containers were available. Although serviceable, these trucks would not pass standard US
KAF: That stands for Kandahar Air Field. That is the main base of operations for the Southern part of
Afghanistan. The main post is big and has lots of people, it is a main transportation hub--both Helo and
Fixed Wing--also Convoys of Humvees going in and out  
KBR : Kellogg, Brown & Root -- The biggest contractor serving the Coalition Forces.  
Kevlar - Issued American Helmet
Kill Box - Kill Zone
- Light Armored Vehicle
LN : Local National. A citizen of Iraq, if you're in Iraq, Afghanistan if you're in Afghanistan, etc. Usually
encountered as labor brought on post to do construction or other labor.  
LT - Refers to Lieutenant
M-19 - Vehicle mounted machine gun that fires armor piercing grenades; aka MK-19; also Forty Mike-
M-249 SAW - hand held Squad Automatic Weapon that fires the 5.56 NATO round
M-4 - standard infantry weapon; similar to but shorter than the Vietnam era M-16
M-40 - Bolt action sniper rifle used by the US Military; fires the larger 7.62mm x 54mm NATO round  
Mortaritaville : nickname for LSA Anaconda, a major base near Balad, reflecting the frequent mortar
MRAP:  Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles are a family of new armored fighting
vehicles designed to survive IED attacks and ambushes.
MRE - Meals Ready to Eat; standard military selfheating meals in a plastic bag
MSR - Main Supply Route as MSR "Tampa" & MSR "8"
Muj (pronnounced: Mooj), short for Mujahadeen. Formally a person who wages jihad, informally used for
the Iraqi Insurgents starting in 2005.  
"O-Dark-Hundred" - para-phrasing military time where 0500 means 5:00am; any ridiculously early hour
of the morning  
akley Sunglasses - worn by almost all Marines and soldiers in Iraq; Iraqis believe they give Amercans
"X-Ray vision"
Outside the wire - outside the security perimenter surrounding the base or FOB.  
OEF : Operation Enduring Freedom.  
OGA : Other Government Agency - CIA  
OIF : Operation Iraqi Freedom.  
Oscar Mike: On the move or moving out.
POG : People Other than Grunts [pronounced "pogue"] rear-echelon support troops. Arose in 2005 as a
synonym for Fobbit, it seems. Also a newer version of REMF
PEC-Fours, PEC-Thirteens - Night and infared vision scopes
POG - Person other than a Grunt; a pejorative term for anyone who is the rear echelon and therefore not
in an infantry unit; Fobbit
PRT : This stands for Provincial Reconstruction Team. These are military, goverment departments and
civilian aid organizations from our country and many others who come to a town and help to rebuild. The
PRT coordinates construction projects and provide humanitarian assistance.  
PSD : Personal Security Detail - private security contractors  
Psy-Ops - Psychological - Operations Units; which use leaflets, loudspeakers, etc to encourage the
enemy to surrender
Red on red : enemy-on-enemy fire. In June 2005 it was reported that Marines patrolling the desert near
the Syrian border had, over the previous several months, seen a new trend in the Iraq insurgency.
Insurgents were fighting each other in towns along the Euphrates from Husayba to Qaim. This
suggested that there had been a split between Islamic militants and local rebels.  
REMF : rear-echelon motherf****r - another Vietnam era phrase revived for the sandbox. The term
REMF seems to have fallen into disuse, replaced by “fobbit”.
Remfland: the rear-echelon areas where support personnel live and work in relative safety -- the
paradox being that in the Sandbox, unlike Vietnam, REMFland is more a state of mind than a physical
RHIB -  Navy Term - RIB, Rigid-hulled inflatable boat.  Currently used by Pirates off Somalia
RPG - Rocket Propelled Grenade; Anti-tank rocket first invented for the Bazooka by the US in WWII,
then inmproved by the Germans as the "Panzerfaust" and further improved by the Soviets; not very
accurate but used very successfully by enemy insurgent 5 & 10 man RPG teams;
S-2 - Battalion level intelligence officer; G-3 is division intelligence officer or unit
Sandbox or Sand Pit : Iraq  
SAPI Plates - 12 inch square ceramic plates in FLAK vests made to stop the powerful 7.62x39mm
standard round fired from the AK47
shake and bake : first used during the Vietnam War, and revived in Iraq, to refer to attacks using a
combination of conventional bombs, cluster bombs (CBU), and napalm. In the battle of Fallujah in 2004
it was used in reference to a combination barrage of White Phosphorus and explosive artillery shells.  
Slackman - Nickname for the team machinegunner using the SAW
Stay Frosty: Keep cool under pressure. IED.gif image by RetiredRoadDog
STB -  Navy Term - Starboard (right)  
ustainer theater : AAFES' motion picture team has assembled an opening lineup of movies for the
Balad Camp Anaconda theater dubbed "Sustainer." Before Soldiers can view first run shows at the
Sustainer Theater the process of getting movies here takes weeks of time and effort, initially beginning
at the Army Air Force Exchange Service headquarters in Dallas.  
T-55 - Soviet era tank used in Iraq
TCN - Third Country National: A citizen of a neutral country who is in the theater of operations as a
contractor. The Nepalese truck drivers who were killed by Ansar Al Sunnah in the summer of 2004 were
- Traffic control point.  
VB -  Navy Term - Virginia Beach, Virginia, East coast headquarters of Special Warfare.  
Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devise. i.e.. Car Bomb
Victors - from the military phonetic alphabet for "Vehicles"
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - from the military phonetic alphabet: "What the F****"
Zil Truck - Russian made truck popular in Iraq